Byk-Rak 1 Position (Solo)

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Commercial Grade Construction: The Byk-Rak frame is constructed with 304 stainless steel and the wall thickness is 3 mm. This makes for a cost-effective choice that will enable the rack to be durable for the everyday transit use. It is designed to go through a bus wash and requires very little maintenance.

Reliability: No reported malfunction of a bicycle that fell out of the bike rack due to the locking system. The patented locking system has 3 points of contact on the tire that has constant pressure applied with the gas shock. This shock is made by SUSPA who makes several model gas pressured shocks that are already on many bus applications.

Safety: A series of tests were administrated to determine the average loading and unloading speed of bicycles into the bike rack. These tests were completed by people who have no experience with the Byk-Rak system, using a variety of bikes, and included stowing and lowering the Byk-Rak from its stored position. Amazingly, the average time of operation for either loading or unloading was 10 seconds or less!

Products: We offer 2 and 3 position bike racks. We also have removable rail bike racks that are “modular” in design. This enables the maintenance department to replace large components instead of the entire bike rack. This will save time and money.

Finishes: We can offer both stainless steel and also mild steel powder coated bike racks. Our stainless steel racks can be powder coated to colour, electropolished (chrome like finish) and non-glare bead blasted (dull gray finish).


  • The Byk-Rak is 7 inches deep by 50 inches wide.
  • The Byk-Rak weighs less than 35 pounds.
  • All parts of the Byk-Rak are finished with powder coat paint. (Unless specified by customers request i.e. electro polish and/or bead blasted bike racks).
  • All moving parts on the Byk-Rak are made of stainless steel. (including the Byk-Rak itself)
  • The Byk-Rak is mounted to the front of the bus.
  • The Byk-Rak is always in the deployed position.
  • The Byk-Rak has rounded outside corners, smooth welds, and few ‘pinch’ points.
  • Bikes can be loaded and unloaded from the sidewalk-side or front of the Byk-Rak.
  • The main rail on the Byk-Rak is removable.
  • The Byk-Rak is constructed to support over 75 pounds static in the deployed position.
  • Bikes are secured by the front wheel lock and supported on the back wheel.
  • The Byk-Rak makes contact only with the tires of the bicycle.
  • The Byk-Rak accepts bicycles without any orientation of the pedals.
  • The Byk-Rak has no pins, clips, or straps. The Byk-Rak has minimal use of complex parts.
  • The Bicycle Rack shall be clearly marked with easy to follow instructions for operation.
  • The wheel lock folds away when stored.
  • The bumper mounting bracket is adjustable via multiple bolt-holes.
  • Bike Rack will have a removable rail that can be replaced with a modular component.
  • Headlight Blockage and Turning Radius was the main factor in development of our new design One Position Bike Rack.


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